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    Laura's suggestion about writing a simple program is a good idea.  I 
    wonder if there is any WELL DOCUMENTED source code for a sound card 
    based 1200 baud packet modem, which could be suitably modified. If so 
    I would like to have a go!

This one's inside the LINUX kernel, which i have attempted to document:


Now, being packet-oriented and being structured as a device driver, it may
not be so applicable to UO-11, which, if i recall correctly, operates in
something like RTTY mode.  But it may give you at least one idea on how to
implement it.  I have constructed scaffolding for testing such drivers in
user mode, but i'm not really happy enough with it to distribute it at this
time.  Best of luck.

			-- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, satellite QRPer)
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