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Drake Downconverter question for you

Hi Laura,

    I saw a post were you said that you had a Drake Downconverter.  I
believe that you were looking for another one. You probably saw my posts on
AMSAT BB about the TOKO filter used in the converter.  I got no replies to
two postings.  Did you modify your Drake?  I recently tested my modified
unit and it looks like it may only have about 28 db of conversion gain.  I
was hoping for the 38 db that g0mmf claims.  My  TOKO Filter doesn't look
like the one that  G0mmf used in the picture I downloaded.  If your Drake
has more gain than mine can you tell me what TOKO Filter you used and it's
TOKO part number?  Since I don't speak French and I suspect that the saying
on the footer of your messages is in French, what does it mean in English.
Just a curiosity here.


Fugelseth WB6RWU

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