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Re: Soundcard Decoder for UO-11?

I am also very interested in this.  Have been hoping that some one 
would produce a program similar to HamCom but using a sound card 
instead of the usual interface, and including facilities for 
demodulating UO-11. 

Laura's suggestion about writing a simple program is a good idea.  I 
wonder if there is any WELL DOCUMENTED source code for a sound card 
based 1200 baud packet modem, which could be suitably modified. If so 
I would like to have a go!

I have a G3RUH decoder, which runs fine with a modern computer.  Just 
two wires to serial port RXD and GND.  Printed circuit boards were 
originally sold by AMSAT-UK, but AFAIK they are no longer available.  
The decoder is still used by the UoS for ground control, and there 
was also a commercial version manufactured for educational establishments.

There is quite a lot of information about decoding UO-11 on my web 
site, in file u2hw.zip.  This includes details about using old 
telephone modems, circiuts for simple modems, and use of the Hamcom 
type interface.

URL www.users.zetnet.co.uk/clivew/


Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.       

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