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Status of 9600bps soundcard with WISP?


A few months ago, there were a number of postings regarding trying to
integrate 9600bps FSK packet on a PC soundcard (eg FlexNet etc), with WISP,
so that a hardware TNC and modem would no longer be required to operate
with satellites such as UO-22, KO-25 etc.

Can anyone enlighten me as to where this ended?

I have been too busy to look at this myself, but anticipate having some
spare time in a few weeks, and would like to begin working on the problem.

As far as I know, the following is the case:

1.  Software (FLEXNET) exists which can successfully implement 9600bps
G3RUH-type FSK AX.25 packet using a Soundblaster-compatible soundcard,
running under Windows 95 on a Pentium-class machine.

2.  WISP currently only interfaces to a TNC in KISS mode connected to a
physical serial port.

3.  A "bridge" is required to enable WISP to control the virtual KISS TNC
created using the FLEXNET software.


- Is the FLEXNET interface defined, such that third party software may
access the appropriate 'hooks' to drive the KISS virtual TNC?

- Has anyone successfully installed the 9600bps FLEXNET modem and KISS
module, and copied packets from one of the 9600 satellites (not necessarily
done something useful with it, just decode packets)?

- Is the FLEXNET code available for viewing / modification, as either open
source or controlled?

Many thanks for your time,

Chris vk6kch

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