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ASUSat1 pre launch bulletin

Hello Fellow Hams,

Its that time of the year again, and it seems like we have a go for a
As of this Friday it sounds like we have a launch secured out of Vandenburg
Air-Force base on December 7th. 
Preparations are going well, and the payloads were encapsulated today.
There will be several amateur-radio payloads on this launch:
and ASUSat1 - I speak for the ASUSat team only.

Here is a quick overview of what the ASUSat1 has and what we expected after
The ASUSat1 has a 9600 baud g3ruh type communications system. The uplinks
are in the
VHF band, and the downlink is in the UHF band. From the operating
perspective, any station
capable of working UO22/KO23/KO25 should be able to work ASUSat1 with no
After launch the ASUSat1 will wake up in a power-safe mode. In this mode, it
will send status beacons in both text and binary form using AX25. If you
have a TNC, and have monitor on, you should be able to see the text messages
identifying its self and reporting uptime. If you have WISP, you should be
able to capture the telemetry frames. Telemetry is compatible with
WISP/WINTEL. We will release a configuration file for WINTEL real soon. 
The ASUSat1 team would greatly appreciate if the community could help us out
by listening for our
bird, recording the telemetry and sending it over to us by email. Current
elements indicate
the we will have the first good pass after about 9 hours. We would love to
hear from someone that
our bird is alive, well, and on the way :-)

The ASUSat1 downlink frequency is: 436.700MHz
planned orbit: 100 Deg inclination
planned altitude: 750 Km
Contact: Assi (thats me)
Email: assib@asu.edu

In just a short while, we will establish a web page with this initial
a telemetry configuration file, and status updates.

If you want to read more about the ASUSat1 check out our web page (link down
As always, questions and comments are always welcome.

assi kk7kx/4x1kx

 Assi Friedman, Deputy Program Manager - ASUSat Program
 Tel: 480-844-1458 (home)
 Tel: 480-965-2474 (ASUSat lab)
 Tel: 480-965-2859 (ASUSat office)
 Fax: 480-965-0277 (ASUSat lab)
 Email: assib@asu.edu
 Home Page: http://www.public.asu.edu/~assib
 ASUSat Page: http://www.eas.asu.edu/~nasasg/asusat/asusat.html
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