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Meteor Shower results.

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So far, nothing.  Not a single callsign, nothing.

I feel like I missed Halloween sitting in the pumpkin patch
waiting for the coming of the Great Pumpkin... and I didn't
even get a rock.

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Ditto....except that I did hear some blurps on 6m SSB. Not a thing on 2m 

We need to do a better job at this like they do over the pond. There is one
coming up in December. Which frequency??? 145.790???

How was the 53.53 MS work??? Haven't heard... any luck anyone???

On a side note, I was trying to monitor 10m beacons to hear pings, some
worked, others didn't. 10m was interesting....alot of deep fades, then
strong signals as meteors decayed.

-- David - KB4LCI,
FM08ai, WV
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