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Re: [aprssig] Re: Re: 147.585 during Leonids


I had to resend this since a few of the post office systems kicked it
back because it had a MIME attachment.  So , I pasted my text file
in this e-mail.  Sorry for the formatting if it looks odd, but I cannot
control it without attaching a file.

Tim - N8DEU


N8DEU Leonids Meteor Shower APRS information as of 0400 UTC 18-NOV-99

My transmit ERP was approximately 35.27 dBw using the following 

Ant   = M2 2MCP22 (RHCP)
Radio = Yaesu FT-736R (147.585 MHz FM)
TNC   = Paccom TNC-200
S/W   = APRSdos version 844
Amp   = 300W

Beacon rate using 100% duty cycle with Meteor Scatter mode in
APRSdos v844.  The means I was set up for quadrant 2 in the 
Southeast transmitting between the 15-30 second mark past 
each minute and listening for 45 seconds.  This is aggressive,
but necessary to increase the odds of hitting a rock with an
APRS signal.  This function is built into APRSdos so that each 
4 quadrants of North America get a 15 second time slice to 
transmit to the other 3 quadrants.

The following stations have reported hearing my APRS beacon
signal from EM64pt during 18-NOV-99 0000-1400 UTC on 147.585 MHz.
There is one report listed that took place on 17-NOV-99.

 Call    Grdsq   Date    UTC       QTH                   RCV ANT
=======  ====== ======= ==== =====================  ==================
 N2PUA   EM63xp 17NOV99 0353 Eastaboga/Ohatchee, AL J-Pole @ 20ft
 N2PUA   EM63xp 18NOV99 0843 Eastaboga/Ohatchee, AL J-Pole @ 20ft
 AC9R    EM66wc 18NOV99 ???? Brentwood, TN          ?
 KE0VN   EN16ow 18NOV99 ???? Fargo, ND              M2 Eggbeater @20ft
 KC5ILO  EM23lo 18NOV99 0248 Clarksville, TX        Omni @ 50ft 
 N0BKB   EN21ui 18NOV99 0536 Greenfield, IA         Omni @ 85ft

Note: I am trying to get details to replace the question marks at 
the moment. AC9R was a ground path contact since we had a successful
keyboard with no signal fluctuation.  N2PUA is most likely ground 
path, but could be Meteor Scatter.  Both stations are within 120 
miles from my location.

This what I have to report at the moment.  More to follow if there are
new reports or more information.


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, Alabama

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