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TrakBox II and FT-847 problem


I have installed the TrakBox II CPU, EPROM, and xtal, and have it partly
working.  Everything seems to check out fine except the rig (FT-847) is no
longer responding to frequency control, nor does it go into SAT mode at the
start of a pass.  Mode control works so the TB seems to be talking to the
rig.    When it gets a command but does not respond, the CAT symbol blinks,
and my non-storage scope shows what appears to be the correct length of a
RS-232 signal.  Before the upgrade, all was well.  The rig still works fine
with other programs such as Station and KCT.  I programmed and verified my
own EPROM from the provided code, 3.50c, and used the same speed EPROM as I
had used in the Turbo TrakBox.

Any suggestions or hints, or even reports on whether you have gotten it
working with this rig?


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