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Re: Re: 147.585 during Leonids

So far I have received conformation from 2 stations on receiving my
APRS beacons last night via Leonids Meteor Scatter.  Stations reporting
the reception were from Texas and North Dakota.  The stations that
received my signal reported they were using omni-directional antennas.

Signal to noise ratio is certainly a major issue along with many other
factors when attempting this type of communication via FM transmission.
I was unable to decode any packets from this end, except for those within
100 miles.  The best thing about APRS is that it is automated so you do not
lose any sleep or that is the theory.  You turn on the system, let it run,
hope you see some magic appear on the map when you wake in the
morning.  Of course, this is the wishful thinking mode.  It really takes
work and understanding to make successful contacts since there is no
immediate feedback.

I was transmitting approximately 35.27 dBw using the following:

Ant = M2 2MCP22 (RHCP)
Radio = Yaesu FT-736R (147.585 MHz FM)
TNC = Paccom TNC-200
S/W = APRSdos version 844
Amp = 300W

This is basically what it took for some distant stations using
antennas on the receiving end.  The real question is where did I have my
antenna pointed.  The answer is at the horizon to maximize distance. I
to document where and when I moved my antennas this morning to correlate
the reception reports.  That will be a lesson learned for the next Meteor
with software driving the antennas and logging the direction and time.  Just
I need, another project to work on...  ;-)

I learned that I am still learning...


Tim - N8DEU
Huntsville, AL

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>I am grossly disappointed in the APRS results so far!  Signals are clearly
>coming in but the signal to noise ratio required to cause APRS to print is
>just too large!  A short check on 144.39 confirms the ability to print
>with big signals.  From 0200 to 0400 PST visual meteors were outstanding!
>Quite a show.  SSB voice remains effective however.  Cliff K7RR, CM95ni
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