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Re: Soundcard Decoder for UO-11?

At 05:41 PM 17/11/99 -0500, John Magliacane wrote about an old article
by G3RUH:

>This is an EXCELLENT article!  I built a slightly updated version of this
>demodulator UO-9 and UO-11 decoding, and found that it performed better in
>the presence of noise than a homebrew PLL (XR2211-based) demodulator I
>had been using.  The description of this article helped me greatly to
>understand correlation decoding, and to eventually design PSK and FSK
>modems that I now use for AO-16 and KO-25 communications.

Assuming the copyright issues could be sorted, do people perceive value
in reprinting this article somewhere? It's awfully good, and probably more
accessible to an amateur audience than the equivalent treatment in a
typical communications textbook.

I remember reading about the then-new Kansas City cassette tape standard
in the I/O section of 73. Does that date me or what? :-)

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