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Competition for 147.585

Anybody trying  the meteor scatter experiment discover vociferous
objections from voice FM ops on the frequency?  I started beaconing about
0100Z 0n 11/18 from New York City (FM30AS).  I had the squelch off to make
it possible to hear the weak ones.  After about 30 minutes, I heard several
stations come on the frequency and begin making hostile, even threatening
references to "malicious interference" from packet stations.  I switched to
voice operations and engaged 2 of them in conversation --- explained about
the meteor scatter.  These were KG2PB and KB2QYM.  They basically claimed
"ownership" of the frequency, made threatening remarks towards a NJ ham who
was also beaconing on packet, and claimed the frequency was reserved for
emergency operations. I  suggested they move off the frequency temporarily,
during the meteor shower.  This was refused, along with a threat to bring
"30 guys" to visit the ham beaconing in NJ.  

I told them I would stop my beaconing out of respect for their emergency
net, which I did.  They then proceeded to discuss a Pontiac Firebird one of
them wanted to buy and other urgent emergency issues.

A lot of jerks in this neck of the woods!

73 de Brian W3BW
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