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Leonids tonight

Tonights the night.

One other thing I realized tonight that may be of help:

 If you are not running APRS to capture packets AND someone else
 local to you is transmitting as many as 50 packets per minute,
 then it might be impossible to just use a plain-TNC and capture

Easy fix is to remember to BUD-LIST or SUPPRESS-LIST the local, so that
your station ignores his packets...  ALso, you may want to put


This will open you up to all packets including those with errors and it
will certainly give you an order of magnitude better chance of getting a
packet (though it could have errrors),.  If there are weak LOCALS, then
this might be a curse.  Even if you budlist him, his garbled calls will
still get through.

In summary, there is lots you can do.  Its a good time to explore all the
capabilityies of your TNC.  Too many people have just been using their
TNC's as a BBS appliance, and may not be aware of all the posibilitites...

Good Luck,

de WB4APR, Bob

At the completion of the test REMEMBER TO SET PASSALL OFF !!!!!!!!
Or your packet operations will never be the same again! :-)

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