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Re: can receive ??

On 18 Nov,Dirgantara in indonesia wrote about listening for UO11:

> oh yes I can try it !!!
> but I have only Instant Track program !! for DOS if i can used it ??

That program is perfect.  Track UO11 object number 14781

> I hope and i can try receive now ....sorry iam a new about this ;)..
> 73 de YD1EEE

InsatantTrack shows me the next pass over indonesia is 

NOV 17 1854 UTC
       2033 UTC
NOV 18 0711 UTC
       0850 UTC
       1924 UTC
       2105 UTC

There are MANY sateliltes you can receive if you use at least a 3 element
beam for UHF, but unitl you get a beam, it is not worth trying.  When you
get a beam, let me know. (Or a corner reflector about 2 feet tall)

I like to hold the small beam in my hand and manually point it, that way
you can experiment without a lot of investment... and also have very short
coax run and not need a preamp...

Anyone else have an online newbee-file to send him?

de WB4APR, Bob

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