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Re: can receive ??

> One satellite you can hear is on 145.825.  It will be weak... but you can
> hear it..

oh yes I can try it !!!

but I have only Instant Track program !! for DOS if i can used it ??
if you suggestion me another program, but...;(..i dont have a antena
rotator ...8(..only vertical antena !!.

> So tell me if you have a satelite tracking program. 
> Or, I can have a student do some predictions for Indonesia for a day and
> send them to you.  What day would you like to listen?

I hope and i can try receive now ....sorry iam a new about this ;)..

Iam used YAESU FT8100 Dual Bander and DIAMOND ANTENA DX300 (vertical
i dont now how this equipment can receive AMSAT !!.
but I hope i can receive in 2 M band 145.825 Mhz 

thank for your attention

73 de YD1EEE

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