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Re: can receive ??

YOu can receive all satellites without a preamp if you have a short cable
run.  The fun of satellites is that you can put the antenna on a table
outdoors with the radio and only use a few feet of coax.  The satellites
come overhead, so you do not need to be on top of a building...

ALl satellites come over your llocation many times a day.  You need to get
a satelite tracking program.  Then you will know when.

One satellite you can hear is on 145.825.  It will be weak... but you can
hear it..

So tell me if you have a satelite tracking program. 

Or, I can have a student do some predictions for Indonesia for a day and
send them to you.  What day would you like to listen?


 On Wed, 17
Nov 1999, Dirgantara R T wrote:

> Dear Mr Bob
> Can I receive AMSAT Satelite if i used transceiver Yaesu FT8100 dual
> band 144 and 70 CM,  not a Preamp an if i Used Preamp please your
> suggestion to Iam used a preamp ICOM or Daiwa ???.
> Can you send me information about AMSAT satelite, doppler, tracking and
> location orbital if satelite go to INDONESIA !!!
> Sorry Mr Bob Iam A new about AMSAT satelite ;(...;(.
> tnx 73 de YD1EEE
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