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Re: [htaprs] Can the TH-D7A or new Kenwood receive 9600FSK satell...

In a message dated 11/16/1999 4:01:50 AM Mountain Standard Time, 
rparry%xe2lmc.bbs@xe2crh.ampr.org writes:

<< Both the Kenwood TH-D7A and the announced new Kenwood transceivers support 
 9600 satellites. Does that mean I don't need an external 9600 FSK modem 
 such as a Paccomm modem.
Short answer yes.
BUT you need a computer hooked up to the ht, put the ht in "packet" mode and 
from a terminal program issue a -->  hbaud 9600 <--- command. now you will be 
in the 9k6 mode needed . HOWEVER you will not be able to use the pacsats.  
The thd7 is not able to be full -duplex ( the built in modem)
I my self have used the thd7 to hear ~posat~ a third world sat.
give a listen out of the ham band at 429.950 + - dopler. + pre-amp
High gain antennas and tracking is needed.
To test it locally find a 9k6 packet station in your area.
This thd7 is a remakeable unit.

73 Rick KB0VBZ

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