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AO-27 Mobile update

Heard a few good passes this weekend using a 1/2 wave 437 antenna instead of 
a 1/4 wave antenna?  Didn't try any uplink as you must hear before you can 

The reason for my interest in mobile AO-27 operations is that I spend more 
time mobile than at home during the passes for the West Virginia area. Also, 
seems like more people might try satellites if it didn't seem so much like 
"Black Magic".

After being a ham for almost 7 years, and having tried alot of the things to 
be done as a No-Code Tech,(SSTV,ATV,APRS,TCPIP,PACKET,SSB/CW,FM) this realm 
of satellites is by far the most intrigueing and technically intensive 
activity I have yet tried and is also the part I love the most yet even 
thought I haven't even made a contact yet.

Heck a local friend/ham is a professor at W.V.U. in engineering and teaches 
orbital mechanics, and he has even mentioned that in just the last 4 to 6 
weeks I have learned as much as hie students do in one semester. Not to mean 
I am a master at orbital mechanics, just that this is the hardest I have had 
to chug the mental hard drive in a long time!

As far as some of the comments to my "Finally Heard AO-27" posting, for me 
"It's not the Kill, but the thrill of the Chase". Hell if this was easy, it 
wouldn't be as much fun...

73's and Happy Thanksgiving
Jacob Tennant
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