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Re: Satellite WAS questions

Date sent:      	Fri, 12 Nov 1999 00:34:45 -0800
To:             	amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
From:           	"Peter A. Klein" <pklein@2alpha.net>
Subject:        	[amsat-bb] Satellite WAS questions


> 1.  The ARRL Web site talks about submitting the cards to a local "HF
> Awards Manager."  But the satellite award is not HF.  Are the local ARRL
> card checkers OK for a Satellite award, or is it better to send the QSLs to ARRL
> HQ?

As an ARRL Awards Manager, .....
It is an HF Award that has a Satellite Endorsement. The ARRL **DOES 
NOT** check cards for this award. The VHF Awards Managers do VUCC 
Awards Checking. (I am both)

> 2.  The "WAS Record Sheet" is HF-oriented, and has columns for Band and
> Mode.  What I've done is put A, B, J, K or T in the "Band" column (with an
> explanation of the actual uplink and downlink frequencies), CW or SSB in
> the "Mode" column, and noted the satellite used in the blank column at the
> right of the form.  Is this correct?

Band should simply be listed as 'SATELLITE'.

> 3.  Some of the QSLs have A, B, K or J where "Mode" is indicated, instead
> of CW or SSB.  I have checked these in my log and noted CW or SSB
> accordingly.  Is this OK? (I'm not applying for a mode endorsement).


> 4.  RS-10, RS-12 and RS-13 can/could have more than one transponder mode
> active at once.  On some of my RS-12 contacts, I was using Mode T or A when the
> other person was using Mode K.  My log shows a different Mode than the QSL. 
> I've noted what my log says, in other words, what *I* used for the QSO.  Is this
> an issue?

Does not matter.

> 5.  Two of the QSLs do not specify *which* satellite was used, but do
> clearly indicate "Satellite Operation" or "Thanks for first Sat QSO" in
> addition to uplink and downlink frequencies. Again, I've noted the actual
> satellite from my log.  This should be OK according to the rules, since the card
> confirms "contact on the "specialty mode/band." I just want to make sure it's
> OK.

No problem.

> I'm probably worrying about nothing, but I just want to do everything
> right.  The real world is dirtier than accountants would prefer  :-)

Finally, if any of you cannot find an ARRL Awards Manager in your local 
area, you are always welcome to send your applications and cards to me at 
my callbook address. Be sure to include a check made out to the ARRL for 
your award and return postage for me to send your cards back to you.


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