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Greetings All,

Info.  I rest my case about our reputation preceeding us.  The word is
getting around.  I'm not sure we have the wherewithall (nor the
inclination) to bid, but it's nice to be asked.



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Pioneer Astronautics is conducting a design study of a solar sail
microspacecraft as part of a Phase I SBIR for BMDO.  For Phase II,
we propose to construct such a spacecraft.  We are in the process
of obtaining rough order-of-magnitude quotes from sources and
vendors of the necessary parts, for our Phase II proposal. 

In particular, we are looking for a supplier for the main micro-
spacecraft.  Would AMSAT be interested in being a subcontractor?  We
are looking for an "inexpensive" spacecraft on the order of 10 kg,
which can provide communications, power, etc., and control the vanes
the solar sail.  Note that the total value of a SBIR Phase II is only
about $600K, so this cannot be a multimillion-dollar spacecraft.

If your company is also interested in specific subsystems, we'd also
be receptive to quotes for those parts.


Gilbert Chew
Senior Engineer
Pioneer Astronautics
(303) 980-0178 (voice)
(303) 980-0753 (FAX)

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