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Re: Satellite WAS questions

On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Peter A. Klein wrote:

> Satellite folks:  I have collected all the QSLs needed for my satellite
> Worked All States.  I'm filling out the form, and have a few questions.
> Would somebody who already has Satellite WAS please answer?
> And thanks to all of you on the amsat-bb who gave me WAS contacts!
> 1.  The ARRL Web site talks about submitting the cards to a local "HF
> Awards Manager."  But the satellite award is not HF.  Are the local ARRL
> card checkers OK for a Satellite award, or is it better to send the QSLs to

Any ARRL Awards Manager can check these cards. I went to a local HF
Awards Manager when I got my WAS OSCAR CW. 

> 2.  The "WAS Record Sheet" is HF-oriented, and has columns for Band and
> Mode.  What I've done is put A, B, J, K or T in the "Band" column (with an
> explanation of the actual uplink and downlink frequencies), CW or SSB in
> the "Mode" column, and noted the satellite used in the blank column at the
> right of the form.  Is this correct?

The ARRL may want to see actual bands noted on the application. On my
application, I noted the band on which I was received (the downlink

> 3.  Some of the QSLs have A, B, K or J where "Mode" is indicated, instead
> of CW or SSB.  I have checked these in my log and noted CW or SSB
> accordingly.  Is this OK? (I'm not applying for a mode endorsement).

Not sure about this one. Again, the ARRL Awards Manager may want to see an
actual mode, written on the QSLs.

> 4.  RS-10, RS-12 and RS-13 can/could have more than one transponder mode
> active at once.  On some of my RS-12 contacts, I was using Mode T or A when
> the other person was using Mode K.  My log shows a different Mode than the
> QSL.  I've noted what my log says, in other words, what *I* used for the
> QSO.  Is this an issue?

In either case, both of you were being heard on the same downlink
frequency. I always used the downlink frequency when indicating the band
to avoid these situations. 

> 5.  Two of the QSLs do not specify *which* satellite was used, but do
> clearly indicate "Satellite Operation" or "Thanks for first Sat QSO" in
> addition to uplink and downlink frequencies. Again, I've noted the actual
> satellite from my log.  This should be OK according to the rules, since the
> card confirms "contact on the "specialty mode/band." I just want to make
> sure it's OK.

I think this is okay, as long as the QSLer mentioned that it was a
satellite contact on the QSL. 

One thing you may want to do is to forward these questions to:


That's the best source. 

Congratulations on your award and 73,

Mike, N8MR

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