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Astron RS-35A Problem

Ok all you gurus out there, tell me what happened when I did the following:

Had today off and thought I'd do some antenna work.  Cleaned up my
connections and re-did the one on my 2m antenna.  I also decided to hook up
my polarity switcher on my Cushcraft 738XB.  Well, in my shack, there is
very little room so I decided to mount my polarity switch in my power
supply - on the front.  I bought a lighted 12V 30A switch for this.  I ran
my cable from the switch box at the antenna to the shack.  I then mounted my
switch in the power supply and connected the cable from the antenna to the
switch.  Inside the PS, I connected GND to GND, load to the center conductor
on my cable to the switch box, and power to the red lead in my PS.

I then turned on my pretty, little, red switch and nada, zip, zilch,
nothing!  I checked for 12V, again nothing.  I checked the output on my PS -
0.387VDC.  The positive and negative leads are not shorted.  I have 120VAC
input to the PS and into the transformer.  I don't know what the transformer
steps down to as I don't have a schematic.  I really hate to think that I
blew away my PS by just jury-rigging a switch into my PS.  I suppose
stranger things have happened though.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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