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AO-27 / SO-35 and others MOBILE

After recently having to give up my ham desk to the wife for her educational 
needs (RN School) I have been mostly relegated to my mini-van as a primary 
ham shack.

So was needing some advice as to trying to setup a MOBILE setup for operating 
the FM birds with expansion into the FO series in the near future.

Not really wanting to do the "stand outside with the ARROW beam" type 
operation but more of a driving to work, around town type mobile setup.

I already have VHF and UHF Motorola radios setup for the FM birds and have 
tested them as to receiving the signals from the FM birds with very good 

So I am now looking at the antenna side of the setup. Either the M2 
"eggbeaters" or K5OE's eggbeaters, also even looked at a trailer hitch 
mounted mast with a rotor and seperate 2/70 beams tilted up at approx. 
15degrees and a azimuth rotor.

So all of you AMSAT guru's, let me in on your vast knowledge and experience!

Jacob Tennant
KB8QIR/?  would that be mobile or rover?
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