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Re: RE: [Antennas] Attention all AOL Users - Scamalert. <--- of...

In a message dated 11/10/99 11:21:10 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
wb5rue@stic.net writes:

<< I don't think that you would think it a waist of bandwidth if you were
 bitten by something like this but let's not get into a "Spam/nospam"
 argument.  I'm sure that  the original posting was meant in good faith as a
 "heads-up" which I have no problem reading.
 Kevin, WB5RUE

Actually, AoL request that members NOT pass along these announcements outside 
the AoL system.  The correct way to handle this would be for the person to 
forward it to an internal spam collecting address of TOSEMAIL1.  

The feeling among the AoL higherarchy is that posting this matter -- which is 
internal to AoL -- and only affects AoL users -- whom they automatically 
notify en masse -- it is only spreading the spam further by reposting it 
outside the AoL system.

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF
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