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Re: KCT DIP switches & FT-847?

At 01:56 AM 11/10/99 +0000, Alan Biddle wrote:
>I am checking out an old KCT board with an FT-847, and am wondering about
>the correct setting to the last 2 dip switches.  The original docs talk
>about setting them when using TTL with the FT-736, but is silent about using
>RS-232 levels, which the KCT supplies with the correct chips.  A recent
>document about interfacing to the new radio (author unknown) says to install
>the chips for RS-232 levels and also set the switches on for non-inverted
>output, as with the instructions for the FT-736 at TTL levels.  I am curious
>if anyone knows whether the switch matters in this case?

Yes, it matters. Switch 7 inverts port A, and Switch 8 inverts port B.

With the FT-847 you'll only be using one port, so the other switch won't matter.

73  -Paul

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