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RE: WISP32 inaccuracy

To reduce the bandwidth and answer a number of others about the example
I sent, the examples are indeed the same dates. WISP16, for me, has
always displayed the date in dd/mm/yy format where as WISP32 displays
the date as mm/dd/99. This would have been more obvious if I had sent the
complete predictions displayed by both. However, I only wanted to show the
5-5 1/2 minutes prediction time differences that occur at the same time on the
same machine. Therefore, timezones, time, and dates at this point do not
matter, since they both show different results on the same machine. This
occurs on both a Windows 98, AMD K6-3, 400 mhz and a Windows NT 4.0,
SP5 Pentium MXII 200mhz machine.

To answer any other questions, the time zones are correct on both machines
and the Windows 98 machine which use to be Windows 95, is always kept
at UTC. Therefore, no time changes occur on that machine. Again, the
2 programs should display similar values when running, but do not. WISP16
has always been accurate for me. This is the first time I've run into
like this and since Instantrak is very close to WISP16 and I check with a
of satellite passes and found them to still be within a few seconds of the
monitored satellite's AOS/LOS.

Definitely a strange problem.

Reid Bristor,  WA4UPD
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