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Re: WISP32 tracking inaccurracy.

In general, the AOS and LOS of circular orbit satellites are off by 5 minutes.
However, the elevation and azimuth are also wrong in relation to that 5
In other words, if I would change my time by five minutes it would NOT
compensate. The times are off by 5, but also the elevations are off the same
amount such as 6 degress differnt in azimuth and 5 degrees in elevation.

I tried changing and faking my lat/long to try and make it come in, but the
differences in the errors just got worse. IF you use AO-10, the eliptical
orbit type of satellite it really gets bad.

Example of a WISP16 and WIS32 displays below. There'll be a small error
just due to the times in entering this info.

WISP16 next matching pass (for UO-22):

	El 	Start time		Finish Time
	58	09-11-99   00:36:53	09-11-99  00:51:29

	El 	Start time		Finish Time
	66	11-09-99  00:41:27	11-09-99  00:56:09

Bottom of screen present position WISP16:
	224.8	-72.0	53.9

Bottom of screen present position WISP32:
	AZM	El 	MA	Count Down
	253	-70	43	00:47:46

Hope that helps.

As you can see it is close on polar orbits, but really off on AO-10/ However,
the times and directions are far enought that you cannot accurately track/

This occurs on two different machine and operating systems.

WISP16 and Instantrak are very close.

At 05:02 PM 11/08/1999 EST, Mike73@aol.com wrote:
 >In a message dated 11/8/99 10:50:21 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
 >rbristor@bristor-assoc.com writes:
 >> I installed WISP32 on my NT 4.0 SP5, Pentium MXII 200 mhz with the same
 >>  results.
 >Hi Reid,
 >How far off are they from each other?? Can you give an example of what 
 >IT/WiSP16 says versus WiSP32? Maybe this will point to where the problem 
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