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 >From  : Anthony W. Woislaw , KB1EJZ
              1063 Shed Hill Road
               Stoddard , N.H.
               03464+ 4444
               Phone / Mail /  Fax : 603-446-4307

TO: Any amateur or manufacturer  source of new , used , or demo 
         satalite modems .

RE:- Source of new , used , or demo satalite modems .
        -Mode J , A , KA  orbital transponder class . 
        -FSK , PSK and HF (PSK)  modulation without automatic doppler 
        -"Add - on "  type module to existing terestrial  AFSK , Kantronics 
                      and Alinco DR-150 TQ  (2m./440 )  , F2E , F3E  (FM) , and
                      A3E  (AM)  for 440 split - crossband  full duplex 
         -FM (AM Subcarrier) polar LEO - NOAA weatherfax for 136 MHz
         -10 meter AM (USB) KA class dedicated reciever downlink and
                      antenna system .
          -Related harware /software issues . 
          -Comments or suggestions from the experinced . 

I am KB1EJZ in Stoddard , N. H.  I am looking to expand on a Kantronics
KPC3 AFSK terstrial modem with AX.25 (Level 2 , Ver.2 ) protocol to at 
least FSK 9600 baud split crossband full duplex packet satalite work on
2 m and 440.  Any source of such a modem (and preferably a good used
one) compatable with a 1992 KPC3 TNC and a 1999 Alinco DR-150TQ
can reach me at the above address .  I am interested in expanding this 
station to PSK 1200 baud analog and HF PSK analog of the KA class 
10 meter USB downlink orbital transponders also  I do not have a HF reciever 
and am looking  for one also, and even a dedicated 10 meter AM (SSB)
unit , perhaps with its own antenna system will do to access the KA class 
downlinks.  Any simple , inexpensive , basic units will do , with no frills ,
especially if they are used and about to be thrown away . Automatic Dopler 
Correction is not posible with my Alinco , this need not be a consideration 
for the 2 m uplinks in F2E or F3E . What is important is its add - on , or 
ablity to interface with these two station components  , TXD , RXD and Clock 
The current antenna system is an out door roof mounted omnidirectional
vertical discone for UHF/VHF work . Any comments or sugestions for
HF recepetion or electronic antenna switching options would be appreciated .
TheTNC supports HF FSK WeFAX in conjuction with superfax ii for pc 
( I do not have a copy  of this software ) . It may support other programs 
EMWIN.  I am interested in  Leo polar orbital NOAA weatherfax capablity at 
around 136 MHZ . Computer generated graphics in greyscale or color . The 
transmissions are FM with an AM  subcarrier and I do not know much more
about interfaceing for this type of satalite broadcast and am still digging 
more information for what options may be available or posible .  Any 
comments or sugestions from the experienced would be apreciated . 
Any solicitations , especailly of used equipment , would be greatly 
appreciated .    --- AWW .

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