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Re: WISP32 tracking inaccurracy.

Well, it is obvious from the responses that I have received that I am the
only one
who has this problem. It figures. If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no
luck at all.
I installed WISP32 on my NT 4.0 SP5, Pentium MXII 200 mhz with the same

It has nothing to do with the time changes, since regardless of the time on
machine, both versions and Instantrak should display relatively the same
information. They do not. I have both WISP16, WISP32 and Instantrack running
simultaneously (all 3 at the same time) and only WISP32 has a considerably
difference in value display. It is sufficiently different in that it cannot
be used
to track the birds since it is in considerable error.

The tracking data as far as the station information is identical in both and
the time settings are identical since they are running at the same time on the
same machine. In this case time zones do not matter, since both should
track relatively close in their values. I also played around with the PATH
including one or the other in the path, but it didn't make any difference.

It just looks like WISP32 is not correctly calculating. The Redo schedule
has been selected several times and the data is still the same. Wrong. Is
there possibly a variable I'm missing that WISP32 needs and WISP16 does
not? Or maybe I am using one that I shouldn't be. Both systems tested are
quite loaded with development tools and the like while my NT system does
primary duty as my central network server.

If there can be anything weird, it'll happen to me.

Reid Bristor
Bristor Associates
URL:	www.bristor-assoc.com
Phone:	(407) 254-1265
FAX:	(407) 253-1162

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