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S Band Antennas for Satellites

I'm part of a project at the University of North Dakota (Masters Program in
Space Studies) to submit a design for an Earth observing satellite under the
UnESS program (University
Earth System Science) and UMAC (Upper Midwest Aerospace Consortium). It will
be about 100 kg and have a three band sensor for detecting crop moisture,
health, etc.
My task is to find low cost, high gain, omni-directional, S-band
satellite antennas and a fast, easy to use, data transfer protocol (I was
asked to investigate TCP/IP specifically). Satellite downlink power is (at
this time) 5 to 10 watts and  the satellite is supposed to be in a 400 km
circular orbit with a 51.6 degree inclination, uplink 16 kbps and downlink
12 Mbps (latest iteration).
All my resource books are 15 to 25 years old so they
are useless for this project. Do you have any suggestions on possible
sources of information and vendors for antennas and data transfer protocols?
Just for additional information what are the FCC restrictions or
requirements on ham radio satellites as far as power, frequency, data rate
and data transfer protocols? This may also be an option for our proposal.

J. Steven Cochrane

J. Steven Cochrane
Exercise Training Officer
Wyoming Emergency Management Agency
5500 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY 82009

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