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TEPR of AO-27 ?


the transponder schedule of AO-27 is given in every ANS Bulletin in terms
of the TEPR scale, e. g. TEPR 4 = 22 / TEPR 5 = 58. This is rather cryptic
to the avarage ham. I want to publish the schedule in our DARC Club
Magazine, but I guess, nobody here in Germany will find that "TEPR 4 = 22"
is any useful information for him. So I wonder, if anybody could tell me
(and many others):

- What is the abbreviation "TEPR" in verbose form; i. e. what do the
letters T, E, P, and R stand for.

- What is zero on this time skale (I think it is the very moment, when the
satellite enters the sunlight after eclipse - is this right?)

- What does TEPR 4 mean (transponder on?), and what does TEPR 5 mean
(transponder off?)? What about TEPR 0, 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 ... 90210?

- What is 22 and 58 (see above) in minutes? (Is it true, that 22 something
is 11 minutes?)

I couldn't find this info in current ANS or in the AO-27 spacecraft fact
sheet of www.amsat.org or in the "Satellite Handbook".

Best 73 de Norbert, DF5DP (df5dp@amsat.org)
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