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WISP32 tracking inaccurracy.

I have recently installed the WSIP32 and noticed a problem with the accurracy
(or lack there of) when tracking satellites. If I compare it to the WSIP16
it appears to be off by not only about 5 minutes in AOS and LOS times,
but also in the azimuth and elevation values. As a result, it is not accurate
enough to use.

When comparing WISP16 to Instantrack, the 2 (WISP16 & Instantrack) are
very close in their predictions. I checkd to make sure the keps were
and in fact made sure both WISPS were using the same keperlian sets. I
thought copying over the WISP16 WISP.KEP might be a problem and ran
the update on the external kep file to make sure. I also checked and made
sure my station values were set correct, such as elevation, latitude and 
longitude, etc.

Anyone with any ideas??

Reid Bristor
Bristor Associates
URL:	www.bristor-assoc.com
Phone:	(407) 254-1265
FAX:	(407) 253-1162

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