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I have recently obtained TrakBox 2 update from Amsat-UK, it consists of
a new cpu Intel P80C251SB-16 and eprom 27C512 with firmware version
3.50c and it doesn't seem to like my TrakBox unit. It loads up and accepts
configuration commands ok but is very unstable, the LED display
shows a lot of rubbish ( !"£$%^&* ) necessitating a reset, also it does not
move the rotators. If I use the 'Direct Control of Rotators from Keyboard'
command it sometimes work but never for the clockwise direction.
I have had two sets of the update IC's with the same sort of problems each
My origonal version with an 80C31 cpu and 27C512 eprom with firmware
version 3.30i works perfectly.
I would appreciate findings and a possible solution from anyone else who has
tried the TB2 upgrade.
73, Ray

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