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LEO Altitudes?

Hi All,
  While looking at some satellite orbits, I noticed that a lot of the
polar orbiting birds are at a higher altitude than some of the lower
inclination satellites. This got me wondering what are the standards for
the different type of Low Earth Orbit birds. Is there some sort of
international agreement? Or an  unwritten rule.
When a corporation or organization (AMSAT) decides to put up a satellite,
do they have to apply for a specific orbit?   
 If you're launching a satellite in polar orbit, are you restricted to a
certain maximum and minimum altitude? And what about something  with an
orbit like P3D? Is there some sort of minimum altitude at perigee ( aside
from the mechanics of the orbit), that is required? I would think that
there are some standards. Otherwise we'd have a few satellites crashing
into one another.
 While I'm asking. Are there any satellites that have an inclination of
say, more than 120 degrees?  Or should I say, are there any birds that
orbit from east to west? I don't that much, but have never seen any.
 Well. I was just wondering .Any suggestions as to where I can find some
more info?
 Thanks in advance. 73 de Doug ka8qcu

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