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Fw: A surprise November meteor shower?

Here's a messageI got from my Nasa Science News e-mail Subscription.
Thought I would pass it on to everyone to read.

James KD4DLA
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Date: Friday, November 05, 1999 12:37 AM
Subject: A surprise November meteor shower?

>NASA Space Science News for November 5, 1999
>A Surprise November Meteor Shower?  On November 11, 1999 Earth will pass
>to the orbit of newly-discovered Comet LINEAR C/1999J3. The result could be
>new meteor shower -- the Linearids. This article includes tips for visual
>ham radio observing.   FULL STORY at
>         http://science.nasa.gov/newhome/headlines/ast05nov99_1.htm
><a href="http://science.nasa.gov/newhome/headlines/ast05nov99_1.htm">A
>November Meteor Shower?</a>
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