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R: [amsat-france] Re: Off-topic ??

Tres bien Jean-Louis,

I certainly didn't catch all the sense of your message also because it was
buried in a moltitude of nonsense messages around the relfector. People that
asks a million other people which cable to use, connectors, the gain of a
1meter dish in 144 Mhz....Perhaps the only answer would be just buy the ARRL
handbook and read it!  And more, they should put away their computer's
keyboard for a while and grab a solder iron...

Well, you have all my approval for what you did.  I am one of those too
fuzzy brained too and started EME in 23cm a little time ago.  I am receiving
only at present but I will be transmitting soon.  I believe very weak
signals are that thing that distinguish a Radio Ham from a phone-user... Ok
It's a bit drastic, there are certainly many viable middle ways too but the
juice of the diuscussion remains the same.

I suggest you very strongly to go to:
and download the HAM221 software.  I found it fantastic. It's totally free
and it works like AF9Y software but additionally it gives you back the
filtered sound to the speaker!
Its FFT algorithm makes it even better than the AF9Y package in terms of
You can also listen and filter pre-recorded .wav files like you would be in
front of your receiver.  I used it live during the last EME contest  with
the radio tuned on the 2.4 KHz wide filter and the computer did the rest. In
my opinion is better than any other DSP filter I used before. If you press
'R' you will also record while you listen live on your HD, filters will be
bypassed so you can do the filtering in a second time.  Try it and let me
know what you think.  If you have troubles to get to the address above just
stick I2PHD in a search engine (the author) and you shall get there quickly.
The program has some limitations like:  you need to have a true S.Blaster or
an hardware compatible one and some old graphic cards won't work.  I phoned
the author and he said he will be releasing a beta windows version soon
whose will solve all these compatibility issues.
Try it on the files you saved and let me know what you think!

Keep working on the moon, the virus got you!

Au revoir, a bien tot


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 > Sergio
 > Grazie mille for your point of view. Don't worry, you don't temper my
 > happiness :+)
 > It's because I guesstimated the EIRP of the contesters, the
 > of my receiving chain and a 252 dB path loss that I decided to "loose"
 > time
 > to listen to the lower part of the 144 and 432 MHz bands last week end.
 > I was happy to conclude that theory and practice agree, and also happy to
 > check the performance of my CW DSP(you know, the fuzzy one we have between
 > our ears).
 > During the two times 2 hours I listened, I copied IK3MAC and also SM5FRH,
 > but no US stations.
 > It was no so easy, due to the lot of industrial QRM we have here near
 > I recorded the transmissions on some wav files (300 kb each). For those
 > interested, please drop me a line.
 > Conclusion: yet another virus invaded my shack last week end ...
 > Cheers
 > Jean-Louis F6AGR
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 > Objet: R: [amsat-bb] Off-topic ??
 > Hi Jean,
 > I'd hate to trim down, even a bit only, your happiness. It is not my
 > but I just need to remind you that EME contacts, like any other contacts,
 > can and have to be budgeted on the table before going on the air.  That's
 > the only way to communicate from point A to point B.  Ham station like
 > IK3MAC and others have approached EME in an absolute 'contest oriented'
 > mode. Such stations are size-calculated to be able to work standard
 > to generate the maximum score.  IK3MAC, the more famous W5UN, and others
 > like them have really monster stations. It is a definite proof the fact
 > you received those signals even without a preamp and perhaps some 20-25
 > meters of RG213 in front of your rig.  If you had at least a 100 -150
 > amp you could qso for sure.
 > It seems like their calculations were just about right, ah? Still the moon
 > is very far but, more than that, it is a very poor reflector.  Keep
 > on AO 0.
 > Best ,
 > Sergio
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