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palm pilot vx or visor

for those of you that attended the amsat symposium in san diego, several of 
the attendees were carrying around palm pilots with a program (pilotsat) 
running that tracked the satellites.

well, i ran out and bought a new palm pilot vx with 8meg of ram in it. i am 
very happy with it.

check out http://www.handspring.com
these or the original makers of the palm pilot and after 3com purchased 
them, they left and started another company. the visor is their product and lo 
and behold, it runs palm os operating software. they have 2meg versions, 
8meg versions and they also come in color. instead of a serial port cradle 
they have usb cradles (serial are available if needed). they also come in 
colors and have a port on the back of the unit to attach an option card. 

price....palm pilot vx sells for anywhere from $425-499 on the internet.
visor 8meg sells for $250 only on the internet.

guess which one i wish i had bought. but not to fret, i am going to get one of 
the visors for the xyl and one of the 2meg for my daughter (10 years old, she 
loves mine).


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