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RE: No code

My basic premise is "Those who can, Do.  Those who cannot, gripe. (B-T-H)."
A hammer is far older than Morse code, but you couldn't find a toolbox
without a hammer.  If you don't like Morse code, don't learn it.  Nobody
is forcing you to.  There is plenty enough for the no-coders to do without
touching the code.  Just don't ask for a dumbing down of the rest of the
world to match your choices.  On the + side, most of the no-coders I
know have since made the grade, passed the code, and now wonder what
the big deal was really all about.  They all admit that once they decided
to just do it, no problem.  The problem starts when the lazy/stubborn
folks want that free lunch.  Geez people, how hard can it be???

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> It is a known fact that learning the Morse code increases 
> a persons mental reflexes in other areas, especially music.  
> I say, make
> it a 
> requirement for all amateurs to at least be able to send and 
> receive 13
> WPM.
> Amen... I agree with this position, I am an educator and a 
> licensed ham
> for nearly ten years. It amazes me the minority of hams who 
> want what the
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