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STOP! No CW/No Code debate here!!!

At least until we get a suitable rig up on ISS, HF is off-topic here.  I
knew when we started going down that slippery slow, the CW debate would
follow shortly.

    The HF interference problem should be handled in other news groups
    and forums.  It is NOT an issue here (except to the degree it may
    affect Mode A, Mode K or Mode T).

    Most of us here use CW for what it's good for here.  We don't need
    to debate its utility.

Please, NO CW/No-Code debate here!!!!

There are plenty of other forums more suitable for this kind of discussion.
I'm sorry if some of them have already been declared off-limits for this
topic.  Please don't bring it here.

				-- KD6PAG  (On the 'Net for 25 years)
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