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Re: Yaesu rotator information needed?

-> Hi,
-> I recently received one of the new G-5500 rotators.  It turns out
-> that the pin out for the External Control socket is wrong for the Up
-> and Down lines. They are reversed.  The schematic is correct.  Could
-> someone tell me what the pins used in the earlier (G-5400?) were?  It
-> might save a bit of messing around on interfacing to other equipment.
-> Alan

Hi Alan,

Pinout on the G-5400 is as follows:

1 - One end of feedback pot
2 - pot wiper
3 - Other end of feedback pot
4 - Down or Left
5 - Up or Right
6 - Driver motor common

The A leads, of course, are for azimuth and the E leads are for

Steve Diggs, W4EPI
(Your roommate at Dayton this year)
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