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RE: More Ado About Nothing

Interesting, I remember in grade school (USA) reading about
a document called the constitution that had some kind of
ammendment thing attached to it that declared that the
airwaves are public domain.

Question: Has that ammendment thing been repealed, or just ignored?

Answer: Just ask anyone in DC who is caught monitoring X,K,or KA
while driving.

- Mark West

>>Laura Halliday wrote:

>> An additional point: folks, please remember that this is an international
>> list. What I do with my radios has nothing to do with Part 97. My rude
>> noises are covered by the Radio Act and the relevant regulations.
>> And possibly how much coffee I've bought recently.
>> A big difference is that in Canada you may listen to anything you
>> wish. But except for a handful of exceptions (broadcast, amateur),
>> it's illegal to divulge what you hear...

>America used to be the same way until Motorola spent a bundle lobbying
>congress for the first law to ever restrict what Americans could listen to
>the radio.  The original law prohibited listening to cell phones, then it
>extended to cordless phones and who knows where it will stop, if it ever

>I cheer everytime I see a bankrupt Iridium satellite flare.

>Dave, N9LTD

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