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Re: Sorry for the SPAM but....

Bob Bruninga wrote:
> Yes, and who do you think will win when your amateur station "interferes"
> with someone elses WEB browser?   Its like a pedestrian having the right-
> of way over a MACK Truck...  We may be in the "right" but Public opinion
> will kill us...

That kind of thing is the downside of the "elitism" that has troubled
amateur radio for some time now. The public still thinks "hams" sit at
Morse keys in front of huge tube rigs. Is it any wonder that "our"
frequency allocations aren't a priority for anybody but the few people
with operating privileges there?  

Of course, I have to put "our" in quotes, because--since I haven't
qualified as a telegraph operator--the HF amateur bands are not open to
*me* either, as yet. Personally, I'm enough of a heretic to regard the
Morse requirement as a quaint annoyance I haven't had the time to deal
with yet.

I see the same kind of conflicts played out at small airports.
Developers build town houses under the approach path of an airport
that's been in regular use since 1930, and people move in--within six
months, there's an effort to restrict operations or even close the
airport, reinforced by the perception that the airport only benefits
"those rich guys who fly". 

How much more usage would you see of HF--and how much bigger a
constituency would those bands therefore have--if Morse proficiency was
not a requirement, but the *technical* requirements were just as strong,
or stronger? Replacing some of those "memorize the band allocations"
questions with some more required knowlege on modern theory, for

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