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Re: More Ado About Nothing

Laura Halliday wrote:

> An additional point: folks, please remember that this is an international
> list. What I do with my radios has nothing to do with Part 97. My rude
> noises are covered by the Radio Act and the relevant regulations.
> And possibly how much coffee I've bought recently.
> A big difference is that in Canada you may listen to anything you
> wish. But except for a handful of exceptions (broadcast, amateur),
> it's illegal to divulge what you hear...

America used to be the same way until Motorola spent a bundle lobbying
congress for the first law to ever restrict what Americans could listen to on
the radio.  The original law prohibited listening to cell phones, then it was
extended to cordless phones and who knows where it will stop, if it ever

I cheer everytime I see a bankrupt Iridium satellite flare.

Dave, N9LTD

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