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Re: ICOM 821 out of band mod

    I have never been refused info from any company, once I proved that
    I had a license and a legitimate reason.  Seems a small price to pay to
    keep the illegal use of amateur equipment down.  Just my opinion.

Aside from low power Part 15 devices, we are the only radio service where
one is allowed to build and maintain our own equipment.  Everywhere else,
everything must be type accepted.  Commercially built amateur equipment
does not meet commecial type acceptance and from a purely engineering
standpoint (frequency stability, emissions, etc.), it may not meet such
standards even if the manufacturer were to apply for it.

Reminder to those reluctant to carry both a commercial rig and an amateur
one:  The kosher way of dealing with this is to requisition a commercial
rig with enough channels for your business and amateur purposes, and to 
have your commonly used amateur frequencies programmed into it (since 
it's all done with EPROMs anyway these days).  Of course, don't forget 
to clear them before returning the unit to exclusively business use.

Now, as this has been drifting into the off-topic category, let me remind
folks that we do have a legitimate need to do out-of-band transmit mods.
When i was interested in working AO-21 with an HT, it would not operate
below 438 MHz.  I contacted the manufacturer about it, and in this case,
while they didn't directly tell me the mod, they told me where to find
it.  I don't think it's inappropriate to have HT's not transmit in the
satellite sub-band(s) as delivered, but it should be a mod documented in
the manual to enable this.  I didn't do the mod as it enabled not only
the satellite sub-band but everything else as well, and i'm too clumsy
to leave that enabled.

By the way, read Part 97.  We are allowed to transmit out-of-band in a 
bona fide emergency, such as those involving serious injuries, possible
loss of life or major property damage.  This is someone one hopes one
never has to do.  My rig is un-mod'ed and will likely remain so.  But
i know just which wire to cut in an emergency.  

	                          -- KD6PAG
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