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Re: Sorry for the SPAM but....

snipped to get rid of the bull...

> This is a critical issue to which most Amateurs have not given any thought.
> Perhaps it won't matter. As noted in a previous column, the Amateur service
> just became a VHF/UHF centric radio service anyway, and HF radio operation
> amongst U.S. Amateurs is declining.
> But its important for all of you to realize what is going on here - HF radio
> won't be the same ever again. The noise level at HF will increase
> dramatically. If you are lucky, aybe your neighbors won't use these new
> technologies for a few years yet. But when the FCC is faced with the choice
> of preserving narrow segments of HF for Amateur telegraphic operations,
> versus providing high speed Internet services to homes, their decision will
> be easy. Don't look for salvation in regulations.
> Some of us are frustrated by all this  and I don't mean by the new
> technologies that will pollute HF. Our frustration is from the apparent lack
> of interest by the Amateur community. As a result, HF radio use by any
> suburban or urban dweller really is dying.

NOT!!!!!!  HF is alive and well.... remember, what radiates out also radiates
back in! HF ops will have fun with this...

-- David - KB4LCI
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