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re out of band monifications.

Let's not get into a big aurgument about out of band mods. 
Right now there are a number of reasons for them. 
   Some of them allow greater receive range that can't be
done without opening them up for xmit. 
   Also, with the Y2K thing comeing up plus the fact that
with all of the "abnormal" weather problems and other 
natural disaters happening there are reasons to be able to 
xmit out of band.  Even though the equipment isn't type 
accepted, in an emergency anything goes as they say. 
   There are many ARES members through out the contry that 
I'm sure have modified radios that can access the State, County, 
and City Goverment systems in an emergency.   Many of us 
have been issued call signs to be used on those frequencies 
and wouldn't hesetate to do so if someones life depended on
   We all know there are people who take advantage of anything. 
I'm just glad that sooner or later, those that take advantage of 
available mods to do intentional interference to other services 
usually get caught. 
   As with everything on the BBS. This is just my 2 cents worth. 
Your milage may vary.
   73. Mike 
Mike Nason
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