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Re: ICOM 821 out of band mod

On Monday, 25 October 1999, N6LYT wrote:

> for the US model,  the following diodes will control the TX and RX frequency 
> ranges:

      --snip--    --snip--

I don't know how others on the list may feel about this but I personally
do not like to see this kind of information disseminated.

Is it akin to instructions on how to make a pipe bomb?...certainly not. 
However, I really don't relish the fact that certain people may now make
this mod to their 821s which would give them the ability to unlawfully
transmit on frequencies in which they are not authorized to do so.

Perhaps Assi has a very legitimate reason for this particular mod (I
have no way of knowing).  But since you CCed your reply to the AMSAT-BB
(as opposed to a private email) now unfortunately the entire list has
the information on how to do it.

How about it gang?  Should this be a legitimate concern to us all? 
Especially at a time in which there is currently some good enforcement
work going on to clean up our act as amateurs (making us more aware of

Or am I just becoming an old fuddy duddy (fussy & critical) in my
advance age?  :-)

73 //Garie *K8KFJ*
AMSAT #32574

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