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The Leonids are coming, where do you point your antenna

This year I hope to be ready for the Leonids and set up an APRS Meteor 
Scatter Station.  The Leonids are from November 16 to November 19 with Nov 
18 being the peak.  The current issue of QST (November) has an article on 
page 46.  It suggests a beam antenna which, requires pointing.  Where do 
you point it? I think the answer is at the Constellation Leo.  However, the 
constellation moves during the night and I do not have a steerable beam 
antenna.  I would be interested in hearing successes, failures, and 
suggestions for this experiment.

I recall a short article last year in either the AMSAT Newsletter or the 
TAPR newsletter that provided results.  Anyone remember the issue?

thanks in advance,

Rich Parry, W9IF - Qualcomm, Inc. Globalstar User Terminal System Test
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