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Re: Antenna indecision

In a message dated 10/24/99 5:23:22 PM Mountain Daylight Time, KB8QIR@aol.com 

> I am looking at trying to build a simple cheap beam antenna for use on (1) 
>  AO-27 & SO-35, (2) other active satellites that are of voice operations, 
>  future operations on P3D, somewhere over the rainbow...
>  I do not have a rotor of any type except armstrong, az/el is still a long 
> way   off due to price as is all of the commercially available CP antennas. 
All of 
>  the radios I have are FM.

As long as you are confined to FM, your choices are limited to AO27 and SO35 
for now.  But there should be some more FM birds up there soon.

I have used the Arrow both inside the house and outside using the armstrong 
method.  What you'll find is that the downlink is especially sensitive to the 
polarization of the antenna, which is not something you can control with a TV 
rotator but seems quite natural using your arm.  The arrow is an excellent 
way to get your feet wet with satellite communications without breaking the 
bank.  You can use separate radios for the uplink and downlink if you want to 
save a few bucks on the duplexer.  

If you're really anxious to get on the bird, try a decent whip rotated just 
right to hear the downlink and you can even make your first few contacts that 


Lee Devlin, KØLEE
Greeley, CO
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