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Antenna indecision

OK, after many emails as to the antenna building project I sent last night I 
am now even more confused and frustrated!!!

I am looking at trying to build a simple cheap beam antenna for use on (1) 
AO-27 & SO-35, (2) other active satellites that are of voice operations, (3) 
future operations on P3D, somewhere over the rainbow...

I do not have a rotor of any type except armstrong, az/el is still a long way 
off due to price as is all of the commercially available CP antennas. All of 
the radios I have are FM.

So initialy I am looking at a way to setup a basic,dependable HOME station 
for AO-27 & SO35. It seems that a 5/8 wave verticle is OK for the 2meter 
***Would a dual-band beam such as the one from Cushcraft or Comet cover this 
project if mounted verticlely, tilted upward at a angle of approx. 30 to 40 
degrees, rottated either by hand or a TV rotator?

Let the discussion begin...

73's Jake
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