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RE: Polarization question...

>My experience strongly suggests you are better off with a pair of linear 
>antennas fed in phase than with fixed circular polarity for most of the LEO's 
>(RS-13 being the exception).  This is sometimes referred to as "polarity 
>diversity," meaning you can hear either one, but could be as much as 3 dB 
>down from being perfectly oriented. 

Jerry, I have been running my 20 el X Cushcraft beam like this
for about 4 yrs now. I removed the extra phasing line on the one
side and feed them in phase. The beams are not offset on the boom.
Now on the LEOs I am in it the whole pass (as opposed to only half
the pass when I was RHC). I did not notice a beamwidth change and
AO-10 mode B seemed to be unaffected. Thanks for giving it a name :)


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